Woman Stuns Visitors At Lincoln Memorial With Impromptu National Anthem


“The Star-Spangled Banner” is moving, beautiful and notoriously difficult to sing — that’s part of what makes the following video so impressive.

In the now-viral clip, viewed by millions on Facebook and on YouTube, Star Swain stands at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., during a busy tourist rush and decides to do the unthinkable — for most of us.

After copping to feeling nervous, Swain went on to belt out a pitch-perfect rendition of the national anthem.

The soulful performance turned the heads of dozens of other visitors, and when Swain finished, several approached her for hugs and high-fives. Even armed guards congratulated her for the moving moment.

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  • Cole token

    Put me in tears and I’m a male

  • michelle_mixon

    Gone gal!

  • RedBone

    That was the best I’ve heard that song sang. It was very touching. Loved it😘 You go girl. I hope you get signed to a label.

  • Princess Robin

    So proud to be American today we will rise up let there be peace around the world

  • Angel

    This is the 1st time this song gave chills and made me cry. Lady God Bless You. Get ready for your BIG break!

  • linda H.

    i cried and had chills- you go girl – what a voice you have. May God bless you with it

  • Chakuana Upshaw

    Lord girlie your voice has a superb anointing. Let the power of the living God reign like never before. The impact alone did so much. I’m sitting here with holy ghost chills all over. To God be ALL THE GLORY!! You are fit for the Door Post so continue to let your light shine ever so brightly for all to see and to draw the lost sheep unto our Lord and Savior CHRIST JESUS!!

  • Kim Rhodes

    Chills and tears. Woooo

  • Jessie Lynn

    Beautiful! She should sing it at the Super Bowl! Sang with heart and grace.

  • Dutch89

    She was amazing and it brought me to tears her voice has so much conviction very soulful i see see she’s influenced vocally by jazz, gospel, neo soul and classical just from her riff technique she’s amazing somebody better get her and sign her

  • Darlene Colvin

    Sing girl

    • Brendadawg

      She is awesome. Brought me to tears. Thank you for honoring our wonderful country.

  • Phyllis Brown

    Tears…wow…one of the best renditions since Whitney…amazing