This New Edition Inspired Promposal Will Make Your Day


Prom is just around the corner, and the pressure is on for high schoolers hoping to accompany their dream date.

For most teens, it’s the most important dance of the most important year of pre-adult life, so they are determined to make it the best night ever.

Gone are the days when you could simply ask the object of your affection to prom. Now, you have to have a plan. High schoolers all over are finding creative, cute and downright hilarious ways to ask out their significant others to the big dance. Instagram has a bevy of prom proposals – or “promposals” – to commemorate the occasion.

For friends @Chefboy___ardee @theoneandonly_bat @sspikes10 @_poppamike @moneyteam__b, they busted out some old school New Edition dance moves to seal the deal in one of the sweetest and most creative promposals we’ve ever seen. It even caught the eye of New Edition member Ricky Bell who shared the video on Instagram.

We love seeing the new generation throw it back to the old school. Much RESPECT! And with moves like that, how could she possibly say no!!! Great job! It truly is #NE4LIFE

  • The Diva

    Actually this was my creative and briliiant nephew!! Follow him on Instagram @theoneandonly_bat. (Lovemesome… It would be great if you make the correction.)