This Man Has Saved For His Future Wife’s Proposal Since He Was 12

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Levy and Tiffany met at the Rose Bowl, one of the best bowl game locations in college football, and they got engaged there, too, with all of their family and friends watching.

But Tiffany, who is currently a Master’s student at University of Florida, had no idea. She thought she was in California for a military event for Levy’s dad, but got something even more amazing.

Levy, who has saved for a special proposal since age 12 (yep, 12!), planned the elaborate day-long proposal that included a limo ride, 10 of her closest friends coming together, a mani pedi and a shopping spree.

As the day went on, she kept meeting up with her friends and family members and received clues Levy had left for her. Then, wearing the dress she had picked out that day, her father led her blindfolded into the empty stadium where she and Levy first met, almost four years ago.

“Getting to see her come through that tunnel, for that moment,” Levy says, “I get to sink in how beautiful she is.”

Cue the tears. All of them.

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  • anonymous

    I don’t why as a black woman, this pisses me the fuck off!

    • LuvhasNOCOLOR

      You need to Grow u, thats why!!

      • lovehasNOCOLOR

        ^grow up

    • mizzlady

      Maybe because you are a ignorant racist

    • Taquisha Jenkins

      When you become at one with yourself, you too can have happiness… To be upset because two people regardless of color found love is just stupid!

      • mizzlady

        Agreed Tasha..I hate women like her she probably miserable and alone trying to blame someone else for why she don’t have a man when its clearly her way of thinking that has you so fucking lonley…

        • Mike P

          Im not jumping on you, but to use the word hate about someone who feels the why she does is her own feelings you can’t blame her.

    • esha

      Why does this piss you off? As a black woman I’m happy he found the person that makes him happy. You should probably grow up

      • CARAMEL96

        I agree. I am a black woman too and when I read the story and saw the video I didn’t see color. I saw a couple that is madly in love and they want to spend the rest of their lives together. It’s BEAUTIFUL.

        • Teresa Cook

          Carmel I concur…love is blind..I wanna be blind by the right kind of love..than to be smitten by a fist flying upside my head ..what Eva floats your boat I say go for it..I don’t care if I got engaged to Donald trump the minute he starts miss treating me I’m gone. Some women stay in a relationship for the lifestyle..shitten style mummy ass if he’s abusive and controlling he can taking all his money and ram it north I’m outs there

    • Nukie Stan

      what because hes with a white girl.. chile please. everyone has the right to love who they want.. dont get pissed..for that. come on….

    • Mizz Ones2U

      You can do the same exact thing – reach out and see the world of a diverse species of men! I see that we as black women think we have to limit ourselves to just the black man – wrong thought! See the world of all men and maybe you will find love too!

      • Jackie Werdlow


    • Mike P

      I understand why you feel the way you do, its because with the shortage of black men out there it is hard to find someone that can truly love a woman and be that man you want him to be as you see in this video, but its really hard when you see that black man doing all those things that you desire for another woman yet another race.
      That is just how we are all built and that is to be envious, not saying that it is a bad thing but we all go through it, and they really look like they truly love one another, for me being a black man Im just glad that this is for the right reason and not because it is the in thing to do.

      • Jackie Werdlow

        It’s only when we have joy for other’s happiness that have hope for finding it ourselves. Take notes and think outside the box. Your soul mate may be a different race, creed, or culture than your own

      • nonsense

        throwing the bullshyt flag….. There’s no “shortage of black men”….. Making general statements don’t help….. Its easy to blame white, asian, latino women …. but no one ever looks at themselves…… The mirror is a lot of peoples enemy, b/c all the shullbit and baggage they make other people carry keeps “the good ones” away from them….. He who handles broken glass gets cut, and perhaps… just perhaps black men are tired of being cut by daddy issues…. last boyfriend issues…… baby daddy issues….. poor decision issues……. and just F@cked up personality issues….

        • Mike P

          I’m not blaming any race because me myself love women period, but certain people look for that particular person rather it be race or something else. On this womans defense speaking as a black man, and this is not all black men but a lot of us are in jail, not working, don’t want to act right and then there are some that just think that there shit don’t stink. Here is the math there are only 45 million Afro-Americans to over 200 million Caucasians and when you see that person that loves like the man in this video its almost like what about me. Here is an example i have a degree, no debt, nice home, but then there is someone else with no degree, no job, and doesn’t look that good and both of us are going after the same beauitiful lady, but the one with all the negative side gets her. These two are just like anybody else it just happens to be a race issue that people bring up.

      • Rachelle Riodin

        Black men are not ONLY MEANT to be with black women. What law or book does it say that? Theres no shortage of black men anywhere. There’s a shortage of good men. I feel like some women expect so much out of men and forget that relationships are a two thing. It’s all about the connection and chemistry. Love is love.

        • Mike P

          I’m not saying black men should be with black women I’ am simply referring to what the lady said about being pissed off about the video and that is that she and others prefer being with a certain type of person. Yes there are a shortage of good men all around but there is an even shorter shortage of good black men.

    • kanigytsum2

      Lol. I can relate. But I wasn’t pissed off, I’ve got successful black men in my family who also married outside of their race. Apparently he fits in with only white people,, EVERYONE there was white except him and his mom! My son has dated white girls and I told him I don’t care. Its who treats you roght and loves you but ne prepared , everyone in their family may not like it. Side note… you know that young black men are still being hung for dating white girls???? Google it.

    • Newera365

      As a black man, you need to go jump off a bridge. Pissed off because what it’s not you? Or it’s because your just jealous? Can’t be anything else, because both are human beings, so please enlightened us with your 1650’s mental thinking.

    • iselltoo

      Because you have never received this kind of love from a black man.

    • Jackie Werdlow

      Why would it pass you off? I thought it was beautiful. He wasn’t your man was he? She took him from you or something? Oh maybe a white girl took your man before.

    • Jackie Werdlow

      It would have passed me off if she had said no. Or if her family acted ugly. Seeing her father walk her our on the field to meet him made me so happy for him

      • Sonya

        I agree, that was really so sweet, and for all of her friends to be there as well!!! I loved the part where the guys took the shots (liquid courage, lol)

    • getoveryourself

      Perhaps you’re just a racist……. Jesus said, “the greatest of these is love”…… let these two people love each other….. build yourself a bridge and get over it

    • Teresa Cook

      Girl stop getting jealous and stop being stuck in one category of men love is not a color. By the way sisters need to stop acting like they just so darn hard all the time maybe you running the man off

    • Ugly Ass Ming Ling

      Stop wearing weave

    • I love my race

      I get the feeling @anonymous…I don’t dislike that he found love but I became a little taken back and annoyed because as I watched I noticed he didn’t have any other black individual around apart from his immediate family…what does that say? Love is great no matter who it’s with but could he have a certain perception about “blacks” that causes him to surround himself with “white” people? Possibly! Don’t get me wrong, love is great; but something about this video raised questions for me. Why don’t we love our race like others love theirs? We need to take some pointers from the Asians….I love my race!!!

      • Machelle

        Now I noticed that also. No black friends at all. We do have some people that leave their race for some reason. He seems sort of uncle tomish. LOL!

    • Veonka Mohedano

      I understand your pain anonymous! We’ve had to suffer much! Black Women had to sit and watch all of their lives how the white woman gets treated with love and was given material things by their men, while the Black Women was beaten, and even beaten by the white women because their white husband would go with the black slave women, and the white wife would get angry at the black slave girl and would beat them starved them, and wouldn’t let the bath. You would think that a black man would want to give a black woman the world, but they have closed their eyes!

  • Latoya Tcake Hall

    So happy for them

    • CARAMEL96

      Me too!!!!

      • Teresa Cook

        Me too.every woman desires this kind of love and race had nothing to do with it.ass wholes come in every shape size and color.turn the lights off he’s still an ass whole click them back on wow! The ass whole is still the ass whole I clicked out in the dark .Lil well that men’s get rid of the ass whole for another one maybe next time you’ll think twice on the one u just slammed the covers across and kiss good note .I want a great nightinstead of a ddragged out fight

    • Bronzelle

      Latoya, you are really stunning! Such a beautiful woman!

  • Kizzy D

    As a black woman, I’m happy for her and for him_ gud luck guys!

    • iselltoo

      I am happy for them to, but in black with black relationships, it appears that the black woman has to bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan to hold on to her man and he still ends up cheating.

      • Jackie Werdlow

        Depends on what you settle for.

      • Kizzy D

        I agree with Jackie, its how you sell your self, A man (black, white, yellow or indecisive) can only treat you in accordance to how u treat and think of yourself. Maybe as black women we need to stop settling for the stereotype black man: gangsta/bad boy who are often womanizers and we know it.

      • Machelle

        LOL! So true, while Michael Jordan’s wife can relax for the rest of her life. And Kobe, and…………….

  • Rhonda

    If this pissed some one off lol you really need therapy because you have a problem. I wish them the best.

  • jennifer

    You’re not a woman if that is your thought!

  • anonymous

    I bet he is shouting, “Finally, some white Cat!”

    • Nukie Stan

      shut the hell up and move on

  • Carla Rainey

    This young man is a class act. Every woman desires this kind of love! Congratulations!

    • beth

      And as a white woman this makes me happy that two PEOPLE found this kind of love

      • iselltoo

        As a black woman I am happy too they found love. My problem is that I have never met a black man to treat me or my friends like this. Black men seem to cherish their love for white women more than they do black women. I could care what color they are-just know that black women like to be treated nice and loved well also.

        • hallie

          i kinda agree with this they do seem to cherish them in a different way, but of alot of the black women i know (i am black also) they dont treat the men with the same respect, love my white friends do and then they wonder why its not shown back. It takes two in a relationship to love and protect each other. I find many of them focus on what they can get rather than what they can give and also are getting with the wrong kind of guys.

          • Airess

            It all goes hand and hand…If people viewed black women in the same positive light as white women,Then black women would be loving.Just like it was in the 60’s before black men could date white women they treated black women well and had strong black families.People behave according to their treatment.

          • Henry L Jeter

            People behave according to their treatment but some of your other statements are untrue. You are viewed based upon how you behave. Sisters like Tina Turner, Diana Ross and Earth Kit could have any men they wanted. Color was not a issue. You have brothers out there who call their home where they wake up the next day. You do have some very bitter sisters out there who lose their mind when they see a successful brother with a white woman in his arm. You can not put a decade on when brothers treated sisters well. Now I will say what most brothers are smart enough not to say being that white women on average are more physically attractive. That is the honest truth of the matter but I do not think it is the main reason why many brothers are rolling that way.

          • Jackie Werdlow

            I don’t think they’re more attractive at all. Most of the white women I see with black men are really overweight, unkempt, or really under educated. Dont get me wrong I have seen a few (mostly on TV) who were on their game but not many in real life.

            However I do see that more white women are into weight management and physical health. Their mothers teach them about the importance of maintaining a lower weight and body size. Black women should understand the same. It’s easier to maintain physical fitness and a smaller size than gaining two hundred pounds and try to lose it. We are always trying to defend being out of shape and over weight. The honest truth is that no one is instantly attracted to someone who doesn’t keep themselves together. Also most of us really really need to lose the sew in weaves. They really do stink. I’ve tried them and worked out with a sew in. The sweat and moisture made it worse. Because of the smell most men associate it with uncleanness. Honestly even I couldn’t wait to get the tracks out of my head. Lets be honest, any one of us can fall faster for a good looking, put together person who smells clean from head to toe as opposed to someone who has hair and body odor. It’s human nature to fall for smart, intelligent, clean looking/smelling physically fit people. No matter what the race they will always be considered more attractive by most people.

          • Henry L Jeter

            I agree we are only talking opinion. Beauty is only skin deep though. “Most of the white women I see with black men are really overweight, unkempt, or really under educated.” Heck I have heard people say the same thing about most of the black women with black men. Both are horrible lies and really ignorant statements to make. You are not just insulting white women when you make such statements. You are also insulting black men and black women. I could take your statement to infer “black women on average are so nasty brothers rather be with dumb skanky white women!” I have no doubts that you really do not believe that. Why a person is attracted to another person is their business. I am never willing to go there. I see black men with women from all walks of life and the same with black women. The difference seems to be sisters chose to cross the borders later then brothers. In my opinion. Lets be honest black women get more pissed off when they see a successful black men with a white women. It is a pride thing. And the same can be said about white men seeing gorgeous white women with a brother! Let me stress. It is not about ethnic group then it is pride!!! I am not talking that ignorance you see on Jerry Springer where they go out and find the most dumbest people on the planet to rile up. I meet what you see in the real world. Just like some of the posts made here. Your comment about “overweight, unkempt, and uneducated” was real low blow. It shows the jealousy aspect for sure. The brother in this story is well educated and well mannered. His girl friend seems to be the same. True love. A guy saved from the time he was 12 to give his future wife a dream like marriage. That is what we all should be talking about. Not the color of their skin. That women earned his love. If other women want love like that then go out and earn it.

          • Jackie Werdlow

            I understand your point but please don’t mistake mine. I’m truthfully stating what I’ve noticed here in South Georgia. Most people who live here say the same. Even my boyfriend laughs about it when he sees it. Here in South Georgia when you see a white guy with a black girlfriend or wife, she’s usually very beautiful, smart and successful. I can think of interracial couples I know who live right here in town with me. The white women are “overweight, unkempt, and/or really under educated”. The black women are attractive small framed and successful. I’m speaking from my personal experience. I’m not being jealous. There’s no reason for me to be jealous. The fine tall and handsome white business owners are approaching me. So I don’t feel slighted at all. In the past few years I’ve gotten to know a couple of ladies who are Realtors also. They’ve been with their husbands for 15 and 20+ years. They have beautiful children who are in high school and on their way to college. So please don’t tell me I’m jealous. I’m too in love, beautiful, smart, and successful to be jealous. I’m only speaking on what I know that I know. On television, bigger cities, maybe even abroad, your description of the successful black man with the beautiful white woman is probably accurate and more common.

          • Henry L Jeter

            I am going to leave it at I am not one for stero types. You have a good one.

          • dumpyou dinoun

            the type of stuff you’re posting sounds down right laughable and retarded. fat white girls with Ged’s. “Beautiful ” black females laying down with the slave masters sons. I lived in that shit hole of a state geogia briefly but I didn’t see all that madness. On the contrary what I saw was A LOT of cheating white wives. Beautiful ones at that. Nothing new. And young single white girls infatuated with us Black Men. You have a lot of mental issues. Like the last brotha said it’s best to leave your crazy ass to comment to yourself. You also have extremely poor self esteem. Unfortunately you can’t be fixed. Maybe a white slave masters son will want you as his pretty little colored toy though. Lol.

          • Reuben

            Please don’t be a typical black person, Martin Luther said, “I’m human first” lets leave it at that and not go black or white…

          • Henry L Jeter

            “Please don’t be a typical retard!!!” Everything at some level is about color or gender. If you think otherwise then you are incapable of honest and intelligent conversation. Martin Luther King said many things but the true value is when other bought into them.

          • Debbie

            I just wanted to say the video was beautiful.
            If you are happy follow your heart.
            I just want to see the wedding.
            Again congrats

          • Veonka Mohedano

            Caucasian woman focus on what they can get also, they just go about it in a different way, they are more cunning, and the black woman is more outspoken!

          • Melanie Goldsborough Shaw

            No maybe you go for what u can get but I go for the loyalty. You sound ridiculous. I’m glad I have a black husband that treats me right.

          • Jackie Werdlow

            Good for you.
            Question: As a woman who’s decided to open her horizon and marry outside of her race, would you suggest that other women should do the same? Especially if she’s treated right? Yes, No, or Maybe so?

          • Henry L Jeter

            bull shit. It is about education. All women can and will be loud when need be.

          • D.W.

            Thank you.

        • Airess

          I agree and when your honest they say your bitter.Black men in America have been brainwashed so they can’t help it.

          • Henry L Jeter

            “Black men in America have been brainwashed.” But the sisters have not??? Lady so you like a idiot!!!! Everyone in the US has been brain washed at some level.

        • Jackie Werdlow

          So marry someone other than your race. Diana Ross got an Island. Janet married a Prince, and Tina Turner made a comeback bigger than ever. Heck look at how that white man was wining and dining Nene Leakes when she divorced Greg. Yea we black women like to be treated well but what are we doing to ensure well treatment. A few examples are that we tend to settle for less. Multiple baby mommas, illegal activities, wannabe thug mentalities, to name a few.

          • Teresa Cook

            A men a men. Get out your comfort zone! I want a boas instead of beating yo azz.

          • Jackie Werdlow

            LOL! Boaz instead of Beating Yo Azz! I’m gonna use that!

          • dumpyou dinoun

            jackie werdlow is a WEIRDO BITCH Ike Made AnaMaye into TIna Turner, Joe Made Janet and Berry Gordy MADE Diana !! you SILLY COW

          • Jackie Werdlow

            Wow! Why are you so angry! LOL. Yes you’re right those black men did have a huge impact on who those women became, BUT Tina, Janet, and Diana out grew Ike, Barry, and Joe. Soooo, they moved on. The Ladies seem pretty happy now! If I were Anna May I think I’d have out grown some of those beatings a whole lot sooner.
            I’m looking for happiness! Why should I deal with the multiple baby mommas, lack of education, lack of respect, being called out of my name, and prison records. I’ve only been called less than honerable names like B**ch by American black men. Nah, I opt out of receiving the BS. I Know I can do better. BTW, I’m not a cow, lol, I’m freaking fine as heck, intelligent and beautiful.

          • Atlantagal

            Well said…I concur 🙂

          • D.W.

            We do that because we are creatures of devotion and loyalty. The majority of us are not attracted to the over exposed image of the gangsta or thug. Further, most of us still have the genetic impressions of being raped, beaten and enslaved to even consider dating anything other than those who closely resemble us. Life goes on and one would say to get over it. That is the very thing we are struggling to do each and every day, with every fiber of our being. It will just take some time as it has been centuries of programming and conditioning.

          • Jackie Werdlow

            Yes and many of us are tired of being disrespected, treated as if we’re the sum total of all the black man’s woes, and called out of our names.

            Many of us don’t want to deal with the multiple baby mommas, illegal activities, and lack of education. I’ve only been made to feel less than a human being by the men of my own race and culture. Like I stated in an earlier post. I opt out!

          • D.W.

            I understand the frustration, especially when we are constantly being programmed with negative stereotypes about black men through the media and even by ourselves. It’s gotten so bad that many of us have given up on each other to the point of self hatred. Not all black men have multiple baby mommas, deal in illegal activity and lack education. There is a massive number of successful black men in this country that will never get the notoriety they deserve, because it doesn’t work with the covert “oppressive agenda”. Only a limited few who excel in the fields of sports, entertainment or some other high ranking profession are shown to us through the various modes of media to make it not seem too obvious. In fact, the majority of run ins black men have had with the law and still continue to experience with the law, have been typically based on racial profiling and prejudice. Unfortunately, however, with the pressures we face in society with economics, education, etc., it’s hard for us to see the hand behind the curtain whose purpose is to promote self hate by projecting negative images into our psyche from elementary to adulthood. This has been a covert operation since the era of Reconstruction. Just because we don’t see the hand doesn’t mean it is not there. If one’s perspective is shaped to view black men in a negative way, then of course it would be true for them and many others who are just as fed up with the horrible stories and images about black men.

          • Henry L Jeter

            you got plenty of white women in the same boat so lets not make it about race.

          • Jackie Werdlow

            You’re absolutely right. Maybe that’s why so many of them don’t have a problem with dating outside of their race. Like I stated before we should learn from their actions and make a change! Stop feeling as if someone stole something from us. More than likely we don’t even know the black men we see with women of other races. I refuse to feel slighted. It’s not like a white woman has ever taken my man. So what do I care when I see interracial couples, heck he wasn’t my man.

        • Snowhite

          I am a black woman and my husband is a black man, just want you to know what you said is a LIE! My husband loves me unconditionally and he surprises me with gifts throughout the year not because its a holiday, birthday, or anniversary. I receive “I Love You” texts throughout the day when hes at work. So as a black woman with a black husband Stop with the stereotype! You might just be looking in the wrong places for love.

          • verdatrue

            How absolutely wonderful for you! Thank you for replying to iselltoo. I just knew “her” version of things couldn’t be right. I love a good love story, no matter what color people are. Love is love. It has no color. Hooray, for “love”!!! <3

          • iselltoo

            I was speaking from what I experienced. I didn’t say all- but I do know of other women who feel the same way. Good for those of you who do.

          • SB

            I’m an African woman. Every man likes their respect. It’s not every time you say what is on your mind. Get wisdom, in all your getting, get understanding. your true love maybe within your tribe, outside it, in a different race. But surely it is in someone out there. Never compare your relationship to another’s. Maybe you should look inwards first and ensure you can give what you’re demanding. If you can then start doing that. You must be patient as well. Love is. Cheers

          • D.W.

            We’re hurting sister, but thank you for the beautiful advice. <3

          • Rhonda Nelson

            Wise woman!

          • iselltoo

            So happy for you and all the others. I am just speaking my truth. I have NEVER been loved like that and I am a beautiful woman. I guess I have been running into all the wrong men. But i do know of other women who feel exactly like I do. I’m so glad you have a “good black man” to love you-but you are out NUMBERED. Enjoy!

          • Henry L Jeter

            Each person loves in their own way.

          • Zah

            Do u demand or also show the kind if love, most women want to be passive and expect a man to do everything, they wud never buy a man even a $10 gift, but expects a man to spends $1000 dollars on them every month…black women, show your man love, she will show it back , and don’t believe the rubbish you see in moviese

          • iselltoo

            If he was marrying a black woman this would not even be an issue or made it to the news.

          • Vee

            The reason this made headlines is not because he’s marrying a Caucasian woman but because he had been saving up for it basically all his life. Please don’t bring race into this.

          • iselltoo


          • Henry L Jeter

            100% agreed.

          • Sheila Goodwin

            Thank you for addressing the elephant in the room. There was absolutely no reason for race to become an issue with this video it was a video that showed the lengths a person would go through for someone they love.

          • tanekatwin

            U better say that

          • shay

            You’re racist and bitter. That’s Why black men don’t gravitate towards you. What energy you put out is what you will receive. My husband’s black and so am I. I am his queen and he is my king. In fact my proposal was very similar to this.

          • Carolyn Jones

            I agree with the both of u… black men do tend to treat white women better and I’ve never experienced that kind of love. But on the other hand, my environment and the fact that I don’t get out much might have a lot to o with it…

          • Teresa Cook

            I’ve dated whit men so I can almost say the same they treat black women better. I don’t think color really has nothing go do with it I believe its the person and their up bringing. I can’t say I’ve dated a well to do brother .the truth of the matter is I wanted to see what it was like..its no difference as I said earlier an ass whole is just that. Inthe dark and in the light ..elcheapo and elbroke and elwannabeo comes in many shapes sizes and color you just gotta find your boas instead of beating yo

          • Teresa Cook

            Shoot some craps!! Stop playing spinning the bottle all the time .I ts like this don’t when u hate it when you ho shopping for a specific shoe size and they don’t have in stock you either do 3 things 1. Raincheck 2.look for a pair that fits or 3. Leave the store to go to a different store that carries what you been shopping for. The next thing you know you go to that store Warming the heart you spot this terrific new style of shoes ..I say all this my sistas out there thinking they gotta stay in one particular bran let me start by kicking you out your comfort zone men do this kinda stuff so why ate u being sooo reluctant? Stop with the shanaynay.

          • Monique

            Mine too! He adores me and would do this for me any day

        • Jaydaone28

          Wow. don’t put all blackmen in a category because you got mistreated. No disrespect but maybe the reason you’re not being treated a certain way is a reflection of yourself .

          • iselltoo

            I decided to look outside my race- and so happy i did. Thanks anyhew!

          • hardTRUTH

            Some black women don’t know what they want. I am a black man and I watch as those who are career driven and put a high value on education early on, are shunned and sometimes even degraded by black women. I myself was called an oreo all through high school and black women weren’t attracted to my personality because it didn’t fit my color. Don’t try to act like victims because many of you wouldn’t have given this man the chance and white woman see opportunity in your ignorance. Thugs and aspiring rappers are your future.

          • james

            Thank you my brother for saying that. They didnt want the nice dude. The one that respected them. They wanted the Thug love pretty boy and then they realized what they NEEDED its too late. They’ve been used by the bad boy. I see a lot of ladies I knew wouldnt even give me a look or try. Now years later after dealing with the players/pretty boys they look at us but some smart woman got us. 20 yrs later married to same woman, no outside kids, nice home and I keep in damm good shape they look at me now. They didnt know what they wanted. Every decent nice guy I know they didnt want until someone got them. They miss out then blame race or some other crap. Half the women who are talking negative about this wouldnt have given him the time of day. He’s too proper, his pants are pulled up, he’s not exciting and a little nerdy but what she see is the nice man they miss. ooh but because she’s white. Stop Hate’n and yes I married a black woman for the ladies reading this.

          • Henry L Jeter

            I think smart sisters would marry this guy because he has a head on his shoulders. At the end of the day all women want a provider.

          • KamJos

            How many of the “nice girls” did you not give a look to? Black men kill me with this. They want the bad bi*ch and complain when she rejects them when there are plenty of quiet, nice Black girls they could be chasing. Rejection is a part of life.

          • Tibree

            Welp this guy obviously didn’t want the bad b*tch. He wanted a smart good one. Not all black men want a bad b*itch. Only thugs, rappers, dealers want that type of woman. And if that’s what you aspire to be then that’s what you get.

          • Henry L Jeter

            Brother right on. My mother told me your success will be your education. So I make sure I went to school, got good grades, and went to college. I was called “the white ‘n’ by many black men and black women. I would even have cousins say you do remember you are black, right? Yes I dated white women. Not because they were more pretty but because they were on average better educated in the North East. It is truly about who do you want to raise a family with.

          • KamJos

            How many Black women have you ignored and not given the chance? I don’t know why Black men act like this doesn’t go both ways. How many nerdy Black girls are ignored for the girl with the big butt? C’mon.

          • really!!

            Dude really all this sterotypying is very lame!

          • Tibree

            Well said. As a black woman I get exactly what you’re saying. And it’s the same for me. I always had the problem of not being “Black enough”. then god forbid you date outside your race. It’s a problem. I feel a lot of black women probably didn’t give him the time of day, hence his choice. (and this rejection probably shaped his views on the type of women he’ll date in the future i.e if black women don’t want me then outside my race I go). Young black women feel they need to date the bad boy and don’t realize until they get older that they should have stuck with the good boy who will grow up to be a good man.
            This is a beautiful couple and race has nothing to do the fact it went viral but every thing to do with this man dreams of finding true love and doing everything to his future wife’s proposal a day to remember.

          • tafari

            If its not about race y u bring it up. I’m a black man n I think u sound stupid. No wonder u havnt gotten that love. U a bitter chick

          • really!!

            You’re the reason why she’s Making her point. Thank you for showing up idiot!

          • Henry L Jeter

            what. You dating a “Martian?” For the record I have seen some black women treat black men like shit. I am not going to throw all sisters under the bus for that.

          • Henry L Jeter

            good point

        • justsayin

          perhaps the problem is YOU!!!! You attract who you are!!!!

        • virilejuice

          From a black woman, Geez, do you have to sound so pathetic?

        • jay

          Well thats because black women are fucking bitches…DUHH

          • Harrison

            So I guess his Mother is bitch according to your logic!!!

        • Veonka Mohedano

          They feel like they have arrived when they can get A Caucasian woman! I read that he dated African American women, and they did him wrong, and someone told him to date outside of his race, and there he found love, but I still say that he probably didn’t treat the African American lady like he treated the Caucasian lady. He seems like that type, that likes white women!

          • Stephanie Isom

            And what type is that? That’s a ridiculous statement.

          • Jackie Werdlow

            Girl stop, just follow their lead and find your own piece of happiness. It may not be an american black man.

          • Aaron Khattra-Hall

            Yes it may be a black British man

          • Henry L Jeter

            I have dated black women. I have date white women. I have dated Muslim women. All had nice women in their ranks and nuts!!! For me when I had a black women say to me upfront “I am a strong sister so know what you are dealing with” I moved on. My assumption was she was either felt I was a gangsta that she needed to break or she was just to plain stupid to realize all women in my eyes are strong so she was no one special! Either way when a women tells you this she is saying upfront she does not trust you to treat her right. If that is the case I do no want to be with someone who making demands on me upfront.

        • Kiki

          Pray honey! God will send you that kind of love. I am a black woman married the last years to a black man and everyday experience this kind of love. True love still exists…

        • athleticcurves83

          That is a very ignorant and judgmental statement. This man saved money for his FUTURE wife since he was 12, how was he to know what ethnicity she would be? The only thing he knew for certain was that he wanted the proposal to be extravagant and special. The woman he chose so happens to be White. I am a Black woman and I am tired of hearing that cliche. I’ve dated White and Black men, and I’ve been treated both good and badly by both. Maybe if Black women stop perpetuating this “angry or bitter Black woman” stereotype then you would see it differently. Just enjoy the story and be happy they are in love…… Smh

          • Henry L Jeter

            right on

          • Jackie Werdlow

            Really good point. Thanks I needed that. 🙂

          • Deb Austin


        • gatorwifey

          Maybe it’s not meant for you to tie love with race or color. God may have a white, Hispanic, Asian or some other race of man for you. Love sees no color. My husband is a black man who loves me this way. He dated women outside his race and treated him just as good as he treats me because that is WHO he is as a person. Character determines how a person will love you, not their race. Its jerks in all races and women of all races date and meet them as well. We should be happy for her as a woman that she found her one.

          • gerard nealy

            I see two human beings created by God finding love. Love has no color. Let’s stop looking on the outside. We are all in one category “Human”. We must stop trying to please everyone’s thoughts. Love live and enjoy what God has given us. Hates destroys all. Love yourself and God first.

          • Henry L Jeter

            Who is God? Is that a dating service? Do they have elves and dwarves to choose from as well since you want to talk about other races. I only know one race. It is called humans. Lets keep bull shit like religion off the table. That has nothing to do with love.

          • Jackie Werdlow

            OK maybe you should read over what you typed. It comes off like you’re an atheist. No offense if you are but to most people religion isn’t BS.

          • Henry L Jeter

            Wow!!! Brilliant!!! I got my message across and you seem to have taken offense. First off I am a atheists and I am not sure why I would take offense to you telling me what I already know. More importantly religion is form of social control. I am not going to even bother to start the discussion who has it right between Jewish, Catholic, Baptist, Mormon, Lutheran, Hindu, or Islamic faith. What I am going to say instead anyone who is foolish enough to believe with all the death on this word be it from wars, famine, poverty, and or disease that goes on constantly while their personal God does nothing to prevent them but actually these people think their personal God will say though “Woops! ISIS just raped and killed 12 women under 12. I got no time to address that because I got to put a brother lover on the earth for Jill!” Anyone who believes that is ignorant. With all the woes on this planet anyone who feels that God cares about them finding their true love is selfish and stupid!!! By the way. Most people believe in God but many of them think the religious part of it is bull shit. You do realize you can believe in God and not be down with the religious aspects of it right? Maybe you were a virgin on your wedding day. Perhaps you have heard the term “Spiritual but not religious and I do believe that term covers all of the Hindus which is how many hundreds of millions if not over a billion? So my point. There is no need to bring God into this noise and most people know that. Most people know if there is a personal God she has bigger things to work on then who is sharing your bed with you. So the reality is simple. It is about how you behave. If you are well mannered and respectful around others that attracts people to you. If you have good personal hygiene, keep your body in good shape, and do not dress and act like “Carlson” from Fresh Prince then that is a bonus as well. I have met lots of single women and men of all creeds. I see a common thread in the ones who stay single. They are not people persons and that makes a difference. Gods have no control over that.

        • Raven

          You are so ignorant. I’m sure it’s has nothing to do with her race. He loves this woman. And if he had met a black, Hispanic, Asian, or whatever other race that woman would’ve gotten the same treatment. That comment you made is what’s wrong with America today! You can’t seem to see past color.

        • blessed jess

          No disrespect but it may just be the black men you date or the ones you fall for or attract hun try a different black man.

        • Erica

          I was saying the same thing. .. they always treat them better and we deserve the best also

        • Machelle

          I am an Black/Italian and married to an Italian man, he treats me like a Queen. My sister is married to a black guy that treats her like gold. It depends on the man.

        • Dj Prince Ice

          Sadly you and a few black women haven’t met these type of black men, but for 24 years of marriage and 25 years together, I have and continue to be such a man for my wife who’s a beautiful black queen. I won’t do like others and insult you with the “where you been looking” and “what type of men you deal with” comments. I’ll just say good men exist, they’re just not the obvious guys you’re always approached by.

          • james

            I too been married to the same woman as long. They dont pay attention to the guy whom was being nice. They let us slip by everyday.

        • Monica Matos

          I also felt the same way unfortunately

        • james

          I am sorry you’ve not meet that black man but as a black man I am going to tell you. A general statement ” a lot of woman let the man that would be That man slip by…” He wasn’t the finest, He was driving a benz, and He didn’t have the best job. He was the nice guy that always finished last. Until some girl saw what a lot of women didn’t see in him that they missed the 3 s(s) Safety, Security, and Serenity. We have always been here but yall wanted the pretty boy. Then someone marries him then yall say how did she get him. How do I know I was that guy. My wife and I have been married 20yrs and very successful. I see a lot a ladies from the pass and I get this look now but not then. I look at them like where was you when I was walking … don’t look at me now. There are a lot of us out here. Just sit and think back all the way back to your school years remember the nice guy. He was the one

        • Henry L Jeter

          I am going to have to disagree with this statement. How you are treated is based upon how you behave.

        • Micahael

          @iselitoo, stop saying all black men, because you don’t know all black men, and surly can’t speak for all black men. Maybe, you have never met a black man like this is because of your negative attitude or maybe you should pay close attention to the man you’re interested in. But don’t combined all black men in one category. Thanks, a black man.

        • Denise Montague

          As nothing is everybody, I agree with you iselltoo. There are way more black men that pamper and auto respect the white woman. She doesn’t have be aggressive like black women do at times because they given all their needs and wants without asking. If a black woman ask for anything then it’s an argument or we’re classed as gold diggers. So Snowhite, you are one of the very few lucky ones but know that your case is definitely rare.

        • Cherry BoldBeautiful

          Check out one of my friends on fb wedding March 26, 2017 if you don’t think black men love black women plz take a look

        • Cherry BoldBeautiful

          By the way the name is Christopher Kyle

      • damita


      • Ch3ckmystat5

        You Beth are the pea in the stack of Mattresses. Without you, it’s a wonderfully peaceful time. You may not be racist; however, it is your fault that this conversation feed is now based on race instead of love. Good job and thank you for being an unwanted annoyance.

    • cordelearts

      I don’t believe every woman desires this kind of love. Many men have been stepped on for providing this kind of love.

      • virilejuice

        That’s because they got with broken women. If someone is whole, they won’t do that to you.

        • cordelearts

          Well, then by your explanation it can’t be every woman… by your explanation at a minimum only whole women deserve this kind of love.

          • Stephanie Isom

            You deserve what you give and a lot of black women don’t get this because they don’t give it. And on the other hand a lot of us don’t get it because we settled for less.

          • cordelearts

            Truer words have never been spoken.

          • Carolyn Jones

            Stephanie Isom… I’ve given all of my love, time, Patience and everything else… I’m educated, I’m beautiful, I cook clean oh and I’m far from angry or bitter… a lot of people don’t want to hear someone else’s truth but the fact of the matter is most black men do treat women of other races much better, like they won a prise or something. I’m happy for them and I pray that I get blessed with a wonderful man that loves me as much as I will love him… everyone has their own opinion, just respect it…

          • hardTRUTH

            Some black women don’t know what they want. I am a black man and I watch as those who are career driven and put a high value on education early on, are shunned and sometimes even degraded by black women. I myself was called an oreo all through high school and black women weren’t attracted to my personality because it didn’t fit my color. Don’t try to act like victims because many of you wouldn’t have given this man the chance and white woman see opportunity in ignorance.

          • Veonka Mohedano

            Carolyn, I totally agree with your statement! I am also a wonderful “Black Lady, and I am intelligent, educated, I am an excellent cook, a very clean Lady, and I have compassion for mankind! I have “NEVER” had a black man of that nature, and if I did I would have “LOVED” it! Now, I have had black man who had nothing, and I stuck in there only to find that they didn’t want to do any better for themselves. I have dated a white man, but he was confused about black women, because he was under the assumption that he didn’t need to do for a black woman the same as he’s done for the white women, because he said that black women settles for less. I tried to unravel his mind and educate him about black women, but I guess he was hurt by white women, and he said that their MO was all about money, and he see that the black women stick in there with men who does nothing for them, and that’s why he wanted to date outside his race. Also, I have seen Black Men who’s had great black women who love them and they were the nerd type and those women loved them but it wasn’t good enough for them, and they left them for white women, and they treated the white women wonderful! So, all of you can close your eyes and say that race has nothing to do with it, but the fact of the matter is, race has everything to do with it. There’s a difference, and for those of you who say it isn’t, then you have chosen to close your eyes! Listen, at the end of the day, I am elated for their love! I pray that it will continue, but I also understand the pain of the “Black Ladies” when they say that they are hurting. Black Women have been raped by the white man, because they were treated as property, and whatever that white man wanted to do with them, he did, whereas black men wasn’t allowed to even look at A white woman, and if they did, they were killed in the most inhumane manner! Black Women stick with Black Men because they’ve seen what a black man had to endure, they had to stand and watch their women being rape, sole, and killed! The Black Women had to suffer much, and all Black Women are saying is, that when you have made it, then you should let A Black Women experience what white women have experienced for centuries! Whenever you come from that type of pain, hurt becomes a part of you, and the Black Women had to be strong because they had to raised the children and take care of the house, work, ECT…., so when you meet those Black Ladies with the strong personalities, just ask yourself if I had to go through what they’ve been through, I wonder how I would act? I will end my chat with I wish all humans blessing in their lives, I pray for your peace, love, and happiness, until then may today be a day of remembrance!

      • Kelly b

        Lol all of you is silly a men will do what you allow and the men you attract say a lot about you and nobody made Tina or Janet or Diana they’re strong women who overcame and worked their ass off

  • julia

    anonymous is probably not a black woman. It’s someone whose trying to start shhitt

    • Mizz Ones2U

      That could be true – good point. There are just as many white people (especially white males) who are probably steaming behind seeing this pic of a black man with “their” white women, as they say. However, the way to stomp all of this foolishness is to post more videos of LOVE and not COLOR!

    • astonda williams

      I’m happy for them both I ddon’ton’t see no color

  • cynthia

    Congratulations!!!! Such a beautiful couple and awesome proposal!!!! Love has no color, it’s pure, honest and respectful!!!! Wishing y’all the best that life has to bring!!!!

  • peesch

    So beautiful…my favorite part was the promises before the proposal

  • cordelearts

    This would have been a classic if she would have said “No. I’m in love with Charlie.”

  • Char

    OMG how amazing that was such a sweet & awesome proposal……congratulations to both of them. She’s a lucky girl and he is a sweet man.

  • Kilanda Wooden

    Wow attack the the woman that is sharing her true feelings about the situation..don’t get me wrong yes i see a one of kind guy who found his one of a kind gal. There is nothing wrong with that….so maybe anonymous has had one to many heart breaks but to go behind her and say grow up also means you need to grow up yourself

    • Jackie Werdlow

      Whatever. She stated her negative feelings publicly soooo we replied publicly. Be prepared to receive positive or negative responses to whatever you post online.

  • Mizz Ones2U

    Beautiful! But where is the majority of his family? I only saw what might be his mother, I’m guessing?! This is a joyous occasion, there should be more from his side to support him. Any hoo, beautiful occasion and well put together indeed! Much props to him for a magnificent video!

    • Machelle

      He didn’t bring all of his family out, he spent money to dine her side of the family.

  • Lee-Lee

    Love is love!!! This is 2014….. And I say this as a black woman….. As a whole if we need to do BETTER! Love has no color.

  • anonamous

    Why would this make someone mad…….. I’m lost?? Cudos to this guy, this was one of the best proposals I’ve seen!! So what if she’s white love has no color!! She’s human, he’s human, their beautiful and in love! At least he took the initiative to make her his wife! Matthew 19:6 So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate!!

  • Chill

    Damn that guy is token out of his friend group

    • Veonka Mohedano

      I am not angry about him getting with a Caucasian Woman, I am saddened that he feels like he has arrived because he’s with a Caucasian woman. Yeah, they tell the “Black ” Women to go outside of their race, but the truth is that other races of men seems to like their women just fine, it’s the “Black ” Men who seems to want to wonder! Perhaps, black women want their black men because they were raped by white men, and black men were sold from them! Listen, say what you want, white women have always had it made, they slept at night while black women feed their children, and clean their houses, they were allowed to look good and dress up while black women worked in the fields, so excuse “Black ” Women for feeling just A bit hurt, because we have stuck by your side, and has never given up on you’ll! He seem to want to be something he’s not A “White Man “! I see that he only have white friends, and only his mother was there, it the same as OJ, who thought that he was white and didn’t socialized with African Americans, but the trail turned him back into a black man. Now I am not saying that he was innocent, because I personally felt like he did it, but the way those white people put him down was a shame, after all he did for them! You can bet your stars that if that black man mess up, his butt will be fried! He wants to be accepted in that world, and therefore he seeked what he thinks will be more accepting! Emmett Till is a prime example of how white men feel about their women, the disfigured him. There are more black men married to white women than their is white men married to black women, why, because the white men treasure their women even if they are from a trailer park! We have good people in all races, and bad people, so why not seek to you find the right black lady for you? White men do it, they don’t run and get a black woman when they white women treat them wrong, they seek out another white women, and they date white until they find the right one! Racism still exist, have you watch the news lately! I just feel THAT ” BLACK ” Women are not given a fair stance, and the black man are sooooooooooooooo quick to move on, because they think white is better, I guess it’s the forbidden fruit that they wasn’t allowed to have, AND ” BLACK ” Women have had their share of being taken, so that’s why many black women don’t date other races!

      • Jesusfollower

        Spell check, grammar check, logic check, heart check. Look at your walk, your journey, your life and not the life of others. He has arrived, not because she is white but because he has committed his life to her, a woman. Not a white woman, but a woman he can call his best friend, his lifelong partner. For those who throw racism in every discussion, here is the true meaning. rac·ism
        the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

  • Freddie

    I wear white women for status and power.

    • Jackie Werdlow

      Be careful with that. What if she’s from the trailer park with 3 or 4 baby daddies. If you’re dating for status I’d rather date the My City’s Mayor’s Son (who’s black and educated) than a fine white guy who barely has his GED and has never really lived off the family’s farm.

      Color has very little to do with virtue. I have to know who a person is before getting involved. Plus I happen to know quite a few families of other races that are seriously lacking in wholesomeness.

      • Freddie

        LOL, in the real world I wear my ‘Black Wife’ for status and power, just having fun~

  • TruthBeTold

    I have read some of the posts and have to say black, white or indifferent, Past heartbreaks, prejudices, small mindedness or whatever. Anyone who loves themselves desires someone who will love and cherish them that way. If they don’t and would mistreat a man that loved them that way, then they don’t have a healthy love for themselves. To make this as small as black man, white woman is a shame. God created someone for him, who he was blessed enough to find and appreciate and desire to do the right thing by her. Love is bigger than the color of a person’s skin & it’s really sad that some would try to take away the true message of what this man is sharing and limit it to just one thing. I pray that more people will be blessed to find that kind of love! THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL!

  • Vanessa.

    I don’t know why I’m crying… Congrats to both of them. May God continue to bless them. I wish you guys the best. (Still crying) lol ok I need to stop. Enjoy this beautiful day 🙂

  • Kikidagreat

    Absolutely beautiful , a couple of tears while watching this

  • iselltoo

    They put on the news article that she is a “master student” at the University of Florida, anyone knows what it is that he does.

    • Machelle

      Not sure but he mentioned college so he is an educated man.

  • Angelica

    well this is very disappoint, I am so happy for him and Her.! I’m a back Brazilian women and lots of people say the same thing about me, what people doesn’t now is message like that Hurts a lot of us who are victims of the discrimination. I am proud of Saying that my man is a African American male he’s one of the best man in this world, I love him so much! And yes! I will gOt my man bacK if he need me to, he being there for me, he hold my hands TThou, protect me respect me and do what he can to put a smile in my face.. knowing that I being love and enjoy each day Of my relationship experience. thank you Jesus.

    • Jackie Werdlow

      That’s beautiful.

  • nobody

    I understand why this does piss you off. The video shows so much love and compassion and care and its rare to see these types of videos with black couples. That however doesnt mean its not happening and there are many black men like this who treat their black women like this also.

  • Crystal Rose Decker

    This is about two wonderfully-made human beings finding who God made just for them. May the Lord continue to bless them and their marriage. I absolutely loved everything about this video and am so happy they chose to share it with the world.

  • Ovita Dove

    Absolutely perfect!! I lived it!!!!

  • Relle J

    Sad to see comments from black women who are disappointed by this. When you open your heart to receive love, heal from past hurts & get in a healthy place emotionally & mentally, you too can experience this kind of love & be treated excellently. As a black woman (30 years old) dating a phenomenal black man (31 years old) I know it’s possible. Work on YOU & God will send the right one sooner than you expect.

  • Life

    As a black man I can honestly say that I have had less problems dating outside of my race than dating within my race. Most black women that I have come into my life have an idea that they automatically entitled to special treatment just because they are black. When I meet a woman of a different race they just want to enjoy each others company and not think that they are entitled to any special treatment until the relationship gets to that point. But love doesn’t have a color, love is between two people who have that special bond with each other.

    • Veonka Mohedano

      ?! And you think that Caucasian women don’t think that they are special, and want special treatment? I just don’t understand, because it was the “White ” woman who set the tone as to how women should be treated! He could find a black woman, but his preference Is white women, and therefore he seek what he liked!

  • Yaaaaaayyyyy

    15gallons of awesomesauce!!!!!…. bravo… bravo… bravo


    am happy for them, this is real love i can see it in there eyes they really love each other congratulations levy and Tiffany lovely young couple

  • Namaste0202

    I see two wonderful people sharing a beautiful Love story..sorry I don’t see black and white…why is this brought up as an issue? 🙁 it’s 2014 I wish people could just accept and love the fact that 2 good people found each other and are in love….how did this become about people’s ideas about how black men treat white women differently then black women…and all that other stuff…it just saddens me. I mean…what did Martin Luther King Jr fight soo hard for? He was looking to:….. “a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”….
    Martin Luther King, Jr. It’s about 60 years later…and though we have made strides…sadly…we are not there yet. I think this is a beautiful story and am sorry people are projecting their own issues onto it.

  • Brandon Larenzo

    Why can’t you just say you like the gesture without bringing up race?

  • Sonya

    why did this end up being about race??? They are gorgeous together. I’m thick skinned, but even this love story got me…. if people are so focused on race, I’d sure hate to see where their life is right now…….

  • Shanika Lovin Mines

    I wish I can find a real man just like him I cried now this is wat u call true love

  • lee

    you know what got my attention about this article it wasn’t the fact that he’s black and she’s white but the fact that this food been planning this is he was 12 years old.

  • Ugly Ass Ming Ling

    This is the type of guy that all the black hair-hatted hooligans looked down on and call lame. In school all the black whores wanted a thug or a dope boy. So I dont know why they get upset when a white girl treat them with repect and love.

  • Judy Johnson

    It’s not about him being a black man but moreover being a MAN! This is a beautiful couple who are deeply in love. This is also the type of mind set and love my grandson(yes he’s white) has for my beautiful black granddaughter! True love has no color!!!!!!

  • Liv

    Did anyone stop to think that he is one man who planned how he wanted to do this and saved for it since he was twelve? One man who clearly had his shit together since he was twelve! Can’t speak for everyone else. This is abt him!

  • Boston

    Love sees no color….In this day and age all ethnicities/nationalities are getting together and finding true love with one another. Be happy when you find someone that treats you like a queen, and allow true love to get in. As a woman no matter the race we do go through the steps in life. Stop with the white and black no need for that in 2014.

  • Battista Maricola

    I was in tears just listening to the way in which that young man spoke, also the young she was just joyful with tears. This was a wonderful “ENGAGEMENT CEREMONY.” May God bless you both. Luv M

  • Battista Maricola

    Beautiful young lady, go boy.

  • Battista Maricola

    I am a black woman with high interlectual behavior and some people of whatever race should not pass derogatory remarks on one or another, i don’t think, i am saying it’s rude. U know who u r. Have a pleasant evening. God bless you.

  • Battista Maricola

    Lastly, CONGRATULATIONS to both of you. Stay strong and hold your heads up high.

  • Blackmanfrom MN

    Well done, very happy for the booth of you. May God bless the booth of you always. Longevity & peace, and happiness is my wish for you both as you are now one in Gods love. Stay true, stay strong, know that everyone is not your true friend…You must stick together… Cherish each other always. Your union will be tried, it will not be easy (what, I remind you, is ever easy, right)? What God has brought together, let NO ONE separate! Enjoy each other, grow with each other, and keep God first in your lives 🙂

    Wishing you both the very best!!!
    Black man from MN …
    P.S. Thanks for allowing us to share & witness the beginning of your lifetime together 🙂

  • tanya Crespo

    Wow what a awesome proposal regardless of what race they are I wish them both all the happiness n the world nn may god be with them always because god looks at the heart not wats on the outside

  • LovinLove

    Love is Love! Color doesn’t matter, gender doesn’t matter. It made me cry genuine tears! I love to see love in action! And I am a black woman and this warmed my heart! The time and effort he put into the proposal! AWESOME!!!!

  • Nicci Wooden

    This is a glimpse of God’s infinite love! He is impartial!!! Not one bias bone In Him!! His love has no color! Tears!!! Congrats!!!

  • MeK

    Awwwww so happy for them I am a black woman why does everything have to be about race just be happy for them. I have a wonderful relationship it’s all in what you accept.

  • Margie Cruz Crone

    Congratulations! I don’t even know you and you had me crying of joy for both of you! May GOD bless you always!

  • Victoria Smith

    This young man is going to be a wonderful husband and father. The world needs more respectable, clearly God fearing, gentleman like this to raise the sons and daughters of the future. His parents should be very proud of the fine young man that they have raised, one who definitely knows how to treat a lady. What parent wouldn’t want their daughter to be treated with this much love and kindness. He should be a wwonderful addition to anyone’s family. This proposal was the more throughout and beautiful experience that I’ve ever witnessed, by a commoner. This was simply priceless and a far greater expression of love than most of these Hollywood romances where people spend countless amounts of money and stay married for least than 5yrs. It’s really special when a man chooses to marry someone he considers to be his befriend, wow. I know that God will bless this couple for life. P.S. people please to choose LOVE over HaTrEd. Because in the end DAVID will still beat GoLiAh.

  • David

    99% of the comments are all about black and white garbage. Bunch of racists pretending to NOT be. How about be happy for these people without dwelling on their colors and your own? This isn’t about you. Sorry for all of your luck, but scumbags and losers come in ALL colors- but so do good people! If you think somebody else’s freakin ETHNICITY is key to your happiness, well, you’re obviously shallow and you are unlikely to ever be TRULY happy.

  • Melanie Goldsborough Shaw

    Seriously saying black men have been brainwashed!! Hilarious!! Maybe if u treated ur man right, no matter the race, he’d treat u right. I’m white and my husband is yep Black and he damn sure loves the hell out of me. Can’t people be happy in love without ignorance anymore?? It sounds like u just hate the fact that you can’t get or keep a man so blame it on the white girls!! Lmao!! Get a life.

  • msB

    Love has no color I’m black my hubby is black he is my king and treats me like a queen all the time I’ve been with him since we where 12 20 years later he’s still the man I fell for he’s a real man we have 5 kids and life is good trust on god good black men are out there…

  • Livyuh

    I am a 23 year-old black woman who has been dating a white man for almost 9 years. We met in high school and have been in together since. We both were born and raised in the South where this type of relationship is STILL not considered a norm. A couple months ago after reading a hateful article about a black woman/white man relationship, I asked my boyfriend what he thought of it. In simple terms he looked at me and said, “I see you as my girlfriend, my best friend, my future wife, the mother of my future children, and the last person I will say I love you to on Earth. I don’t see the color that eye gives to you.” Needless to say, I broke down in tears and realized love has no limits or exceptions. If people would just allow themselves to be immersed in a love like that, many people will come to see that too. Best wishes and endless happiness to this wonderful couple!

  • Yasmin ali

    2 days after I finished my exams my husband surprised me with a holiday to protugal and proposed on the beach 3 months later he was amogest my family on my graduation day as my husband! am a black woman with a black man and more then 2 years in I can’t remember a day he hasn’t told me how much he loves me….. It’s not about black or white everyone has someone who loves them and that was amazing to watch!

  • Tiffany

    It’s unfortunate that after watching such a beautiful story some of you find it necessary to even mention race. Smh

    P.S. I’m a black woman who has been treated well by men of all different races, including black men.

  • madethistocomment

    as a purple duck im glad they found love 🙂

  • Sara

    Reading all these comments, I don’t understand why everyone made this into a race issue? It’s LOVE that’s all. Be happy for the lovely couple, maybe one day you’ll have that kind of love too! My son married a black woman and treats her like a queen. There are plenty of white women that are not treated like this by anyone. This is not a black/white issue. Bad men in all races and also good men in all races.

  • Charlene Sudler Wiltbank

    That was awesome….and as for the female who never gets treated that way..I don’t know what’s going on but I’m not gonna bad mouth you or anyone else….just wait on it and your great man will come….I have a wonderful black man who treats me like a queen…he so good to me…he cleans, pay bills, surprises me regularly, tells and shows me how much he loves me every day….we’ve been seeing each other for 5 years, living together for 3 and a half and married for 2 months….he is wonderful!

  • Tiffany Bryant

    You will never see this happen to a black woman not from a black Man we get stuck with kids and the white women get the wealth from the black Man. When their broke they want a black woman when they get rich and successful they get a white woman. Go figure……

  • Miss_joyce

    Love this story

  • iselltoo

    This conversation would not have made it to the news if it would have been a black woman. Sorry-but the truth hurts!


    He is a “OREO” Not even one of his friends were black. SMH

    • Machelle


  • Congrats g

  • Machelle

    That ring is gorgeous. Both seems to be lovely people, I wish them the best.

  • Kenny

    As an African American man, I can tell you all something. We have mostly grown past looking at race. We want to be happy. It is impossible to be happy with someone who is negative, focuses on problems, and does not have a friendly demeanor. An African American male would kill for the opportunity to date any woman with those characteristics. The real issue is that cultural differences cause many African American women to embrace their real attitude (more often raw attitude) as a standard. Let me make clear, not all African American women do this. Enough do in order to develop a stereotype. As an African-American male, I am associated with a community of men who cheat, hustle drugs, run-in with law enforcement, gangbang, etc. The one thing I can say is to embrace who you are, be confident in your skin, be positive and happy—>Any guy would kill for you. I will not lie, looks are important but most of us realize we don’t want to date a dime with a 2/10 personality. We want a woman we can sustain a relationship with and who can hold us down. African American women need to regain some confidence and stop putting down women from every other race. Is it really that hard for you to be happy after watching this video? REALLY? I pray that you change if you ever want true happiness and a good relationship. Don’t suck the joy out of this couple’s moment and video because of your own cynical, negative, and warped attitude.

  • Sincere Allah

    disgusting…i never sip tea with the cave women forme

  • Kiel

    The planning was nice all his/her family all her friends but she knew this was all a set up she knew he was doing all of this from the beginning no big SURPRISE!!!

  • Ace Baldwin

    Well Done my Dude! But if I was Blind I swear I Would of been 100000% accurate that this dude was White! Lol and I’m not talking about his vocabulary or choice of words like he just literally Sounds Extra white… like he also has been trying to sound as white as he can be since he was 12 too. Wonder if he sound Black would she Like em the same….Maybe….Maybe Not. Makes me wonder sometimes because sometimes its like the Black girl or guy acts or talks white or either the White guy or girl acts black, Just love it when Both Races are comfortable being who they are within each individuals culture and they both embrace and respect each and learn to understand each so that its understood. Like if you’re white then its ok to be white and if you’re black its ok to be black neither one should have to act like the other race in order to be appreciated, respected and loved. Dude seem more white than whites lol He sound like he need to embrace his Blackness too tho n make sure she will still stick around if she does then she loves you for who you really are and not a black guy who thinks his name is Brad. He’d Smash her with a lot more Rhythm too, so hey could be a great addition to the relationship, but none the least Great story! And for All that she must be Phenomenal in Bed and in the Kitchen, And for the ppl that is mad that he dating a White woman or Vice Versa….Stop the Racism that goes for BOTH Races it’s 2014 Please Quit…. It’s Exhausting

  • DJ Prince Ice

    Love is beautiful! Being married for 24 years I can say that he spoke the truth. When you’re ready to marry, that person has to be your VERY BEAT FRIEND! That’s the one person you can go thru any & everything with for life! Blessings on this couple.

  • DJ Prince Ice

    Now, to all the women (and some men) mad about the race of his wife, let it go. Even if some black men may be guilty of what you say, it comes down to this: to get a good man (of any race), you can’t hold these negative views of any ‘not so good’ men you’ve previously dealt with (black, white, etc) in your past. When a Man marries the Woman, in God’s eyes, that’s all it is, two humans getting married! God is impartial, so we must be also to enjoy life with all people! One love everyone.

  • Paula Roberts

    Beautiful’ MEN should Learn from this. And ask the love of there Lives in this FORM. WOW!! BEAUTIFUL JUST BEAUTIFUL;)

  • hardTRUTH

    I see a lot of negative post about black men. Some black women don’t know what they want. I am a black man and I watch as those who are career driven and put a high value on education early on, are shunned and sometimes even degraded by black women. I myself was called an oreo all through high school and black women weren’t attracted to my personality because it didn’t fit my color. Don’t try to act like victims because many of you wouldn’t have given this man the chance and white woman see opportunity in your ignorance. Thugs and aspiring rappers are your future. I love my Nubians anyway

  • michelle

    I do believe in this cos I got it. Black men for me are a no no …I looked the other way and am dating an European guy. In his eyes am perfect. He completely trusts me. Black men tend to have a control issue, they won’t even let u go out alone but my boo gives me all the space I need…I love him cos he knows what he’s got and not threatened at all.

  • natalie i am black woman and I am so sick of people making every. little. thing. about race. How did this become a whoa is me pity party? Can we leave our internalized oppression and microagrression at the door long enough for a freakin video. jeezus son!

  • Nicholas Zacharyy

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  • ash92

    Why did this whole comment list turn into an inter-racial debate? I mean come on people. Yes, it’s obvious it’s an inter-racial relationship… But answer this. Why does it matter? It doesn’t! There was no need to bring this up. Be tasteful ladies. This was a beautiful day for two wonderful people, and they couldn’t be more blessed that they found each other. Just be happy for them, ok?

  • Chris

    Funny I didn’t read anywhere that he was saving and planning this proposal for a Caucasian woman! Why do race always have to become the issue? I’m a black man, married to a beautiful black woman, my son’s a good man, married to a bi-racial woman (which we all love very much). How bout expressing your happiness for the couple and keeping your personal opinions to yourself, because your truth is just that, YOUR truth! Examine yourself and the circle you choose from, maybe that’s where the issue is. I’m glad they found love, regardless of her race…If my daughter marries a Caucasian male, I’d only be concerned about how he treats her, not his lack of pigmentation…Love is color blind, like we all should be.

  • Cablecop4!!!

    This is a beautiful thing no matter the race!!!…Love Conquers All (1st Corinthians 13)!!!…Haters and Race Baiters need to take your hate and negative crap somewhere else!!!…Celebrate Love and Unity!!!…Or!!!…Leave this happy couple alone.

  • wilma

    This was taken so much out of content. This was never meant to be about race. I am a black woman. I think this is such a blessing. We do not know her background. Little details he mention. You can tell she does not get to get something a simple as a manicure a lot. He said he did not want her to be ashamed. At 12 he didnt know who he was going to married. She could could have been any race.He just wanted the propsal to be the best. He also said he thank God for bringing her to him. When we allow God to do his job and not try to do it ourselves. Then you will be rewarded. Everybody loves different. I will encourage all the ladies that have been hurt. Let go of the hurt and bitterness . Until you let go a good man like this will not will not come into your life. You really think he will want to deal with the baggage you are holding on to? He wants to give you the world but you have so much hurt and pain. You will push a good man away. Let your guard down some and take down so many wall. God can bless you with a good man. That will treat you like a queen. But you have to let things go.

  • Cerealkilla

    Beautiful video in the day in the life of this couple. This jus mad my day. Beautiful couple and great to see how beautiful their love is. Thanks for this.

  • Cerealkilla

    *Made not *mad, srry.

  • renee

    Do he have any black friends?

  • hutchcraftcp .

    Someone raised that man right.

  • TinaBoozer

    That just made me cry. It was so beautiful.