Snoop Dogg Breaks Down Iguana Vs. Snake Battle on ‘Plizzanet Earth’


Snoop Dogg knows a little bit about survival of the fittest. The West Coast legend has, after all, managed to thrive and survive more than 25 years in hip-hop, outlasting many of his contemporaries and some young guns by being savvy, suave and thinking fast on his feet.

Kind of like an iguana outrunning a vicious snake. At least that’s how it went down when the legendary MC popped in to Jimmy Kimmel Live! to narrate his latest Snoopified bit for the show: Plizzanet Earth with Snoop Dogg.

Because if you’ve watched the amazing hi-def BBC series Planet Earth 2, chances are at one point you thought, “You know what this majestic British nature documentary needs? A Snoop Dogg commentary track.”

Snoop is all about the “cute little lizard,” that is until he is beset by some snakes, who the rapper calls by their proper scientific name: “straight a–holes.”

When the chase ensues, Snoop’s pretty confident the four-legged reptile will escape because he’s a “Geico,” and everyone knows well-insured Geicos have a “15 percent chance of making it up out of here.”

(h/t Billboard)