Sherri Shepherd Freaks Out During Fake Snake Prank


During the ABC panel game show, To Tell The Truth, host Anthony Anderson used a crowbar to open a wooden crate marked ‘danger’ and flung a toy snake at Daytime Emmy winner Sherri Shepherd.

The actress completely lost it, falling out of her chair, convinced the snake was about to bite her.

Sherri took to social media to tell her side of the hilarious prank! ‘As I was screaming and falling, I kept thinking, “Lord please don’t let my wig come off,” because I had a wig on and I didn’t have very many pins.’

‘And then I kept thinking, “Don’t let my dress come up like Sofia in The Color Purple!”

Shepherd continued: ‘I was so mad at Anthony Anderson because I didn’t know he was going to do that to me and I didn’t talk to him for like half an hour. But he kept hugging and kissing me, so I still love him. He’s a sweetheart. So if it made you laugh, I’m glad. It’s pretty funny.’

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