New Dad Finds Hope While Raising Quadruplets After Wife’s Death


After Carlos Morales and his wife, Erica, struggled for years to start a family, the birth of quadruplets brought what he called “the best day of my life.” But then, in a tragic twist of fate, heartbreak followed joy: Erica died after childbirth.

Now the Phoenix, Arizona, father is raising his four children — three girls and one boy — on his own. People magazine, which originally reported on Morales last week, provides an update in this week’s cover story.

Two of the babies came home with Morales, 29, shortly after they were born in January. The remaining pair joined the family last week.

“It feels really good to have all four,” Morales said, appearing Wednesday with the quadruplets on TODAY. All of the babies are healthy and gaining weight. “It’s [been] a blessing.”

“We’re just doing our best. I’m feeling really, really grateful for everybody that just came together and helped us,” he said, referring to the community outpouring of physical support and financial donations that have come through a GoFundMe page.

Erica’s mother, Sondra Bridges, has since moved in with her son-in-law to help take care of the babies: Tracy, Paisley, Erica and Carlos, Jr. Like Morales, she also expressed gratitude for the support the family continues to receive.

“It’s funny how things turn out. Bittersweet, but at the same time, thanks to God, and the outpouring support of the public, it’s been phenomenal,” she said. “And I’d like to say thank you to each and every one of you. All the support we’ve gotten from you, we appreciate it.”

The quadruplets were born via C-section on January 16.

“It was the best day of my life,” Morales told People. “Nothing in my life had ever made me this happy.”

But then Erica, still under anesthesia, soon went into a hypovolemic shock, an emergency condition involving massive blood loss. She died within hours.

Despite his grief, Morales told the magazine he remains steadfast for his children.

“These babies don’t know yet what blessings they have given me. They have given me four reasons to live,” he said.

Via TODAY h/t People

  • Isaac M. Sullivan

    So many different circumstances out here in the world. I do send my heartfelt condolences to the entire family. Needless to say, the four newborns are certainly a blessing. I can only imagine how devestating it must have been for the mother giving birth to have passed without being able to be there to welcome the quadruplets into the world and thereafter. Much respect to the dad, but there should certainly be more emphasis on his obvious grief for the wife. Thats horrible, yet beautiful! Please, anyone reading, consider clicking the link provided if anyone can assist in helping my family after an unfortunate house fire that has displaced us. The link to my only sister’s GoFundMe page is as follows:

    • L.C.Mane

      I believe there should have been more focus on the wife as well. Hell I couldn’t be a stedfast anything losing my wife…

      • Cakes

        Why and she is dead!!! He is focused on raising his children!!!

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  • Chari

    He’s doing what women do each & everyday, being responsible for his actions! He made the vow when he married: till death do we part! He help produce these babies, so it’s his responsibility to raise those kids as best as he can! Women do this everyday! Where’s the outpour of sympathy for them! Society is so backwards!

    • Kita

      Really , yes we as women do it everyday. I’m doing it right now but I didn’t have four at the same damn time. I salute him as a father because if more men was like him the women wouldn’t be on there own. So stupid comments I hate it’s just good for some people not to speak.

      • Robin

        Well said… I really didn’t see myself speaking my first thoughts after reading that comment, ignorance is sometimes best ignored!

      • Ashley

        I kno that is right.

    • Kim

      You’re a idiotic bitch!

    • Rach

      You are a disgrace of a woman!! Yes we do it this guy just lost his wife and is still showing emmense gratitude for his ebautioful babies! Get a grip you stupid bitch!

    • Sherry

      Much compassion there Chari? May you never have tragedy in your life! Please think before you type next time!

      • wanda


    • ms.kham

      Something is seriously wrong with you how can u sit there and say as women we do it everyday Yes but there are deadbeat mother’s don’t Get it twisted sweetie or that doesn’t matter to you that them babies not going to have a mother Yes it’s hard to raise a child alone but it’s a different when someone is taking away and not giving the chance to be there I’m not coming at you but u sweetie need to pray Whatever your Going thru it’s okay God always listen and forgives

      • Ashley

        Tell it sweetie. Please tell it

      • wanda


      • Tina

        Amen to that! It is no doubt losing his wife was tragic, but I really love the fact how people in his life pulled together to help him. Like they say it does take a village to raise a child. I never realized how scornful women can be on here who have clearly missed the point. Jeez!!!

    • Asia

      For you to think this is one thing but for you to actually type this is another. You really need to sit down and re-read this man story again, erase this bullshit and re-type something much more compassionate. Not one time in this article did he say it wasent his responsibility. He was going to be there if his wife survived and he is there now. His WIFE died giving birth to thier children. This isnt a maury episode hunny and stop trying to sound like your empowering women because you sound dumb ass hell!

      • Guest

        Thanks Asia. My sentiments exactly!!!

      • Ashley


      • Nina

        Please let’s keep it civil. I agree many women have had to care for their children alone and men alike. The morale of this story is 1 – The Miracle of Conception, 2 – The Tragedy of Loss, 3 – The Blessings of Healthy Babies, and 4 – The Strength To Endure….. Let’s not lose site of what’s real. Keep in mind that we as women are built as nurtures. Most men have to endure just to get a glimpse of the power and strength we women possess. This 29 year old man lost a huge part of his children’s lives. He has 3 girls….that will need to learn how to be women.

        • Nina

          My comment was to Chari…. sorry Asia.

        • wanda

          AMEN NINA

        • Monique Clark

          Beautifully said…really

      • wanda

        in your medea voice asia amen to that

      • Marquita Battles

        Only God can take life and give blessings at the same time. All things work together for the good of them that love God, and are called according to His purpose. May Jesus continue to strengthen your heart even after the encouraging words and phone calls stop pouring in. Walk in faith.

    • Phoenix

      So we cannot sympathize with him for his loss and the massively huge responsibilities that he has to endure without a wife & mother…you are cold callous & dum. May God give him an abundance of strength & patience.

    • Jacque Lady-j Jenkins

      Chari so sorry that you are a scorned single mother but boo boo this isn’t what this article is about. I know you can read because you spelled just fine so either your understanding is off or your just stupid as hell. This man and those poor babies have lost a wife and mother and you on here with that stupid shit. Sweetie get your situation and mind right before commenting on the next persons tragedy before you find your self in between a bigger rock and hard place. Smh stupid ass

      • wanda

        amen jacque

      • jenn

        thank you Jacque, sometimes, as bad as you want it to be, it just isn’t about you.

      • Forestgategirl

        Here, here! Sad & selfish how people can take the focus off of who it suppose to be on and try to make this about them.

      • Katie

        Thank you Jacque for being willing to call someone on their stupid. Amen and kudos to you!

      • Omena Queeman Mathis

        Thank you for that comment, I had no words for her

      • frausi

        i was reading the comments and saying that at least no negative ones and then comes this nonsense from her, i could not articulated this better, clearly she has issues in her life to be joyful about anything….

      • Rebecca Butterfly Vaughns

        I agree!!!

      • Sandra Steele Inman

        Wow some people’s just don’t get it Jacque Lady- j Jenkins very well said!!!

    • auntie

      What are you talking about, the story is about the joy he received and the pain that came with it, No where did he say he didn’t want to do it, it was more like a thank you letter for all the support after losing his wife and a thank you letter the the 4 gifts God gave him. smh

    • Tanysha Nicole

      Cher that attitude and outlook you have on this man’s situation is the reason your probably a STRUGGLING SINGLE mother right now smdh Ill pray for you

    • hemmy

      Ohh chari God give us brain for so many reasons so please think before you type

      • wanda

        a to the amen

        • jenn

          wanda, I’m loving you

      • Forestgategirl

        LMBO, so true! yes…

    • Christina Washington

      His wife died, not the same as a man walking away and not taking care of his responsibility. As a single mother of two very little financial support from the father a child in college no financial aid I paid another on the way to college I will have to pay do I expect society to give me money because of the choice I made. God saw fit to take this mother away it was part of his plan.

    • wanda

      girl bye

    • Jen

      Actually, he’s doing more than the typical woman raising a child. He’s raising 4, unexpectedly on his own, and dealing with a pain so deep from losing his wife. Sympathy is definitely being given where it should be (to him). May God continue to bless him thru these babies and give him the strength he needs to heal from his loss!

    • Infamous

      What an ignorant ass comment Chari.You’re right, he vowed marriage, and yes, he did help produce the babies. However, I’m pretty sure he didn’t expect to lose a wife, and to take care of 4 newborns alone. You’re sitting here bitter because this man is getting recognition for being in a situation where he needs help? Are you really that stupid? Dont come at “society” for feeling sorry for a man who lost his wife to death. You want recognition? Keep your legs closed so you wont have to be a non-married single mother, recognize that.

      • Sodia Sharon Napper

        Yaassss!!!! Infamous!! My sentiments exactly!! You let her have it with her simple mindlessness!

    • Forestgategirl

      Your comment is tasteless, tacky & selfish. You don’t have a damn clue of what the hell you are talking about. This was a married man, not some random who got knocked up, he just lost his wife & you want to make it about some soap box about single women. I’m a single parent & this isn’t about my struggle or poor choices. Loosing a loved one suddenly is the WORST feeling ever, my daughter is a 24 yr old single mother of 2 babies bc her husband was with us one day & gone the next. I don’t dare compare my struggle to hers. Death is final & painful for the living, Get a clue!

    • MsHappilyS1ngle

      Chari…you are beyond STUPID for what you just said; you are insensitive and ignorant b/c this man said NOTHING about NOT handling his RESPONSIBLITY! This story was shared b/c the children are multiples…and their mother died giving birth to them AFTER their struggle w/infertility. So, correction…it is NOT society that is backwards…it is YOUR AZZ w/your ignorant and lack of compassion mindset!

    • OND

      The whole idea for getting married before having kids is to have your spouse raise your children with you. So you are wrong and come across as very judgmental. The single women who do this everyday more power to them if that were not their original plan. He deserves credit for being a single parent just like them. Try to have a heart.

    • Rchelle

      @ Chari
      …we are not asking for sympathy for raising our children, nor do we need it unless we were/are in this poor man’s shoes. He will never get to share parenthood and all of the beautiful things that come along with it, with the love of his life. The fact that she passed makes it all the more heartbreaking. Now,, if no one showed any lovr, caring and sympathy for this dad, then that is what would be truly backwards and unacceptable.

    • Monica PrinceFam

      Wow that is cold blooded. Being abandoned and an unexpected death of a loved one is two very different things. Those poor babies will never know their mother.

    • Dawn Sutphin

      ok honey…sorry some man has done u wrong but get off ur boat bc this is not the ride for u…the dad in this story didnt “choose” to lose his wife…it was a tragic medical issue…get over urself because ur selfish…on this story, society is not backwards honey, its you that is backwards…GET OVER yourself..

    • Julia Ann

      Wow how I can’t believe you!! Your mean and selfish!! Bitch

  • jewel

    Uh Chari? His wife died. He is alone. I am one of the woman who you say needs sympathy. No thanks. I cannot compare what I deal with daily against what HE goes thru. Come on…

  • Joi

    It’s hard for anyone to go into labor expecting 4 healthy children and their spouse. Yes, he produced the babies; they are his seed and his responsibility, but to be left suddenly with babies to raise on his own without his wife is worthy of recognition, sympathy, and applause. He suffered great loss but gained 4 wonderful blessings! May God continue to bless this beautiful family!

    • Elizabeth Richardson


  • Rhonda Rhonya’h Simpson


  • Vicki Gailey

    You get up you put one foot in front of the other, it becomes second nature, you will learn there little personality and know what they want and need before they speak it will be beautiful, hard dude you will be so tired you might find yourself outside naked. But the people and family r there to hold up boy take that help. And Erica is there every step of the don’t need luck u need help lol just do it.

  • Sharon K Clayton

    Terrible thing to happen. God Bless the family! Their in my thoughts and in my prayers.

  • Joann R.R

    God bless them she watching over you and babies, she will always be by your side.

  • Shanika Watkins

    These babies are a beautiful blessing from God! I know you are going to be great father to these babies! May God continue to watch over your family and bless you!

  • No name

    I feel for the husband and his family. But I believe there is more to this story. If it’s the same one I’m familiar with, due to their religious beliefs, the wife refused a transfusion while hemmoraging. There was medical help available and she could have been saved. But she wasn’t.

    • Nikki Stayready Woodfork

      Who asked u that shut the fuck up

      • Jacque Lady-j Jenkins

        Yes please shut the fuck up.

    • Lauri Singletary

      What does that have to do with anything?

  • Barbara Marcelle

    May God continue to Bless you and your Beautiful family.

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  • Lady-Determine Pinnock

    wow! May God comfort him and take care of those wonderful blessings!

  • ree

    Truely four beautiful blessings

  • Quanda Wilson

    May God bless you and our family and strengthen you in the years to come.Thank the Lord for your mother-in-law moving in to help you with these four blessing from God!!

  • Lisha Barnes

    This story is a heartbreaker, I know that God truly has him in the palm of his hand may these babies be a constant reminder of the joyous times that he and his wife have shared and provide pure peace upon him..I pray that they have a prosperous life and be truly blessed.

  • Leticia

    May God bless you and your family .

  • nina56

    My prayers are with this family ,that they continue to endure and preserver ,and love those babies with all your heart, My prayers truly go out to Erica’s mother losing a child is one of the worse losses you can experience .

  • Moody

    Chari: This is not at all the same thing. His wife died in labor, she wasn’t some deadbeat that left him. I’m a single mother raising my child with no assistance from her deadbeat and this story still touched my heart to tears. Furthermore, it was a struggle for me to raise one child on my own, I couldn’t imagine what my life would’ve been like had it been more than 1. It’s absolutely his responsibility but he’s also handling that responsibility very well in spite of his grief from losing his wife.

  • Valerie GB

    Our God is awesome. Condolences on the passing of his wife, and the mother of those 4 children. In another breath, congrats on the arrival of the 4 babies, Lord lift the father and children up for strength, good health, and all the love in the world. I truly admire the mother-in-law, grand-mother for making the decision to move in and assist in taking care of the children. God is good all the time.

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  • me

    While sad about the death of his wife it’s not society’s responsibility to help raise the kids. If your going to have kids then you alone should be financially prepared to raise them. None of this nonsense of applauding him for having to raise four instead of one.

    • Monique Clark

      So why do anything for anyone in the world then? We are all responsible for ourselves but yet we all need a helping hand for one thing or the other. Out of all the donations given away you chose this one to put your nose up to? Why? He has 4 kids and his wife just died but oh well? Everyone struggles honey but not like this. Thats why certain things are worthy and some are not. Im sorry no one has gave you a helping hand in your life. Because only broken people with no hope and an envious eye would have enough nerve to spew the garbage you just wrote. Love yourself and then learn how to spread joy.

      • single parent

        Why are people being so harsh about this father and his children! Judge not lest ye be judge. The wife did not ask to die. The husband did not ask to raise his babies on his own. Do not talk down on a real father for taking care of his kids. If some women were not ghetto and crazy, then maybe you could be blessed with a husband.

    • single parent

      Do you have any kids? Did you have quadruplets? If not then do not be jealous of this man receiving helpand not receiving help from the state.

  • Eddye

    I want to hold them, good luck to you, they are beautiful.

  • Sheryl Powell

    Hello im and Executive Chef from Atlanta Ga. My prayers goes out to the family. I know its hatd taking care of 4small babies. I am willing to give my services to you and your mother in law . One thing i do know , if you two are not eating right and properly your health will not stand a chance. The babies need you to be strong and healthy for them. Contact me back at and my secretary will get the message to me.
    God bless.
    Executive Chef Sherry.

  • Carolyn Jacobs

    Sometimes it’s better to just leave stupid alone. You really can’t justify or explain dumb. But, let’s not give attention to this Chari person. The story is about Carlos and his precious 4 babies. God is taking care of them, and it is so good to know that many people stand with them in continuous prayer and well wishes. It excites me to see how well they are doing, and to see the babies growing. God is so good.

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  • Donna

    Just take one day at a time,happy father day !

  • Darolyn

    I’m sorry for your lost my brother, I pray that you keep God strength in mind each and everyday while raising your 4 blessings. My heart goes out to you and your family may God watch and stay with you all. I lost my mother at age 11, she was brutally murdered at HOME and I’m 30 years old now and still deeply hurt. Every child/children need both parents. Stay strong, God love you and your family. God Bless!

  • Mel

    A very Happy Father’s day to you! You are what being a father is all about! I only wish you all the happiness and health with your 4 bundles of joy. My condolences to you for Erica, your wife. She is watching over you and your babies and always will.

  • Rita Young

    God brought him to it, so God will bring him through it. Blessed Be the Name of the Lord!

  • Melissa Stockman

    GOD Bless you and those adorable babies !

  • Sylvia Cuellar

    Awesomr story. God Bless them.