Ludacris Surprises His Mom With Complete Home Makeover For Mothers Day


Chris Bridges credits a lot of his success as a recording artist and an actor to his mother, Roberta.

Bridges is better known as the Atlanta rapper Ludacris, with hit songs including What’s Your Fantasy and Stand Up, and for his recurring role as Tej Parker in the film franchise The Fast and the Furious. He says his mother taught him about hard work and dedication. “That’s why I’m where I am and who I am today,” he says.

Years ago, after Roberta retired, she moved into the first house Bridges bought when he became commercially successful. Many of Bridges’ style choices at the time remained in the home, including a painted logo of his record company in the home office. “At that point, I had no sense of style,” Bridges says.

Roberta had started several decorating projects in the home but never completed them. Recently, Bridges decided to surprise his mom by making over the living room, dining room, kitchen and office with new colors and furnishings he knew she’d like so she’d finally feel that the home was hers.

“She’s going to wake up every day with a smile on her face and go to sleep every night with a smile on her face, knowing her house is complete,” Bridges says.

“I see us making lots of memories here,” Roberta says. “It feels wonderful.”

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  • Patricia Alexander

    What a beautiful make over for your Mom. You’re truly a wonderful son and daughter in law. I loved the expression on your Mom’s face it was full of love.
    I’m redoing my 3 bedroom home with dining room, livingroom and breakfast book that I’m changing to my laundry room so that I won’t have to go into the garage. Thank you so much for sharing website.

  • Cassandra Celia Texada

    What an awesome gift . and great job Rachel .. great communication on what was expected .. It’s a wonderful act of love and to have a wife that is there ready to assist as well. beautiful job. love the items from…

  • Brownsuga

    He is absolutely right! If we all was fortunate enough, I think everybody would shower their mom

  • michelle&carl mixon/cummings

    Absolutely loved it and he’s absolutely right. If I could tell my mom to quit working today and have the ability to set her up the rest of her life in comfort I would

  • Lizz Evans

    This was awesome. What a wonderful gift to present to your dear Momma. I am so proud of you, I liked you a lot before, but now I love you because you are so mindful of your Momma. Anyone who honors and treats their Momma with kindness and such love is Aces with me.