Dad Loses Father-Daughter Beatbox Battle & Couldn’t Be Happier


Nicole Paris of St. Louis, Mo. learned her legendary beatbox skills from her father; both have impressive skills in spinning complicated rhythms using only their mouths as instruments.

As the apprentice’s talents expanded, Nicole embraced her generational differences and dubstep influence, developing her own unique style that eclipses her father’s skills.

The two decided to go head-to-head in a beatbox battle last year where the YouTube audience decided Nicole had bested her mentor.

Nicole and her father posted a followup battle on June 29 to Facebook, which has since amassed over 4.5 million views.

About 2 minutes in, Nicole’s father acknowledges that he “messed up,” and forfeits the round to his apprentice. Nicole then delivers a two-minute-long coup de grace of rhythm, record-scratching and playful vocalizations to taunt her mentor.

As Nicole seals her victory, her father swells with pride and joy, watching his apprentice steal the crown from off his head.

  • kathy

    WOW! That was Awesome!!