Adorable Little Girl’s Viral Meltdown Is Proof Hugs Can Heal


A viral video of a father consoling his crying 2-year-old has brought the internet to tears.

The quote, “Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me,” is a cult classic to parenting. And in little Tiara Vazquez’s case, it did not work– but something else did.

The 2-year-old, fed up with her friends for calling her “bad,” had an epic meltdown in her father’s car. And the remedy to stop the stream of tears from flowing was a big hug from dad.

“Don’t let ’em see you cry, OK?” Popiando told his daughter before giving her a warm embrace to calm her down.

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“Stop trying to figure your #wcw out all she really wants is a hug son! #word! #popiando the #wcwwhisperer my shorty got sense and logic just sometimes needs to express herself with wordplay that I’m unfamiliar with!”

The beautiful exchange between father and daughter is so raw and relatable. Because when life gets hard, often times all we need is a loving hug from mom or dad– or both.

  • Amina Johnson

    I can’t believe they wrote an entire article that is untrue. I could swear that the little girl was upset about her dad getting mustard on her sandwich. Clearly, in the beginning, you hear her say, ” but you said mustard.” It’s a sweet video, but damn, stop writing about memes and videos you see on Facebook.